Raw Spirit

Raw Spirit,Raw Spirit,Wild Fire 100ML

Wild Fire 100ML

a dry, woody, sensual scent Inspired by the intoxicating scent of the Western Australian outback in the intense heat of summer. The dry air tingles as wild fires threaten.
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Raw Spirit,Raw Spirit,Desert Blush 100ML

Desert Blush 100ML

a warm, sophisticated, floral scent Inspired by the Western Australian desert at sunset, just before darkness falls. The harsh light of the daylight softens, turning the red soil into a deep pink. The land seems to exhale, filling the air with a sensual, dry, and sweet aroma.
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Raw Spirit,Raw Spirit,Bijo Vert 100ML

Bijo Vert 100ML

Inspired by Haiti, the Caribbean isle once known as the "Jewel of the Antilles". This scent invokes the cool of a summer morning, but hints at the heat that is about to come.
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Raw Spirit,Raw Spirit,Citadelle  100ML

Citadelle 100ML

a clean, refreshing fragrance Inspired by the Citadelle Laferrière, the awe-inspiring mountaintop fortress in northern Haiti, Citadelle symbolizes strength and celebrates the spirit of the Haitian people.
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Raw Spirit,Raw Spirit,Winter Oak 100ML

Winter Oak 100ML

a smooth, creamy, warming scent Inspired by walking the oak-lined trails of the Chumash Lands of California on cool winter mornings, when crushed oak leaves and twigs release their rich scent.
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